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Children are Our Future

Our goal at the shul is to build an environment where the children feel safe, nurtured and are part of the Tefillah. We aim to create a fun space that provides opportunities  for experiential education, connection to  peers,  connected Tefillah and play-based learning. Children are a valuable part of our community and we want instill in them  a LOVE of coming to shul. As the Kehillah develops we look forward to our children  growing up as part of a community where multigenerational connections are established. A children’s  playroom connects to the shul, allowing parents to pray while activities that educate and entertain their kids are provided.

Tefillah opportunities  inside shul: It is the shul's philosophy to encourage children to be part of Tefillah. All kids are called inside for Birkat Hakohanim and  participate in various parts of the actual Tefillah. The Gabai will assign a variety of tasks in the shul to the children. Yigdal and Anim zmirot are important parts of the service and all kids are invited to participate.

We provide Tefillat Yeladim for different age groups:

2-6 : This program focuses on experiential education. An interactive tefillah with singing and dancing followed by a fun quiz on the parsha, organized by one of our shul parents. Our experienced madrichim prepare special theme-related programs with props and puppets that blend parsha with numeracy and literacy. Parents are always welcome to come share stories with the children at any time.

6-9 : This group focuses on interactive experiential learning with special tefillah programs, interactive scavenger hunts, singing and other fun activities. Children have time to play, daven with their peers and go into the shul to be part of Tefillah. 

9-12 : Madrichim and volunteer parents choose topics to learn with the children and engage them on a personal level. Incentive-based learning and meaningful Tefillah programs are offered. The goal is for the kids to have fun.

Teenagers : The shul aims to bring in speakers that engage teenagers and provide seminars on topics like leadership and self growth.

During Chagim special programs are offered. If you as a parent have suggestions and ideas please contact us and share your ideas and we would be happy to help make the ideas a reality.

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